Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Living Room Tour


It's been a while hasn't it?
I realized I haven't posted pretty much since January. And while I can justify it by saying I've been busy with adult things like work, and writing for other places and oh, planning a wedding? I can't ignore the fact that I'm just a bad blogger, who really needs to get her time management back on track. I always find that when other aspects of my life get busy, my blog gets neglected. 
So, a quick update. I got engaged to my boyfriend end of December, and we set a date for the end of December, 2016. Yep, 3 months away now. We adopted two little cats and moved into my grandmom's flat on the 1st of January. And ever since then, I've been obsessed with turning this place into a reflection of my artistic sensibilities. After spending so much time on pinterest and immersing myself into DIY projects (lets be honest, we are two idiots who decided to move in together and throw ourselves into being adults before we really needed to, so we aren't exactly rolling around in money). Besides, it's fun to create and make things for yourself.
We decided to take it one room at a time. So to begin with, we painted parts of the flat this gorgeous teal-turquoise colour. It was a family activity, where my mom, dad, the boy and I took turns in painting the wall and eachother! My mom and I also had the inspiration to convert two single beds into a sofa type thing that you see in the corner. So we got the beds and the mattress cut to size.
Most of the furniture was already around, so I just gave the place a little refresh with some fake plants, lots of yarn projects (such as the lampshade, the gigantic dream catcher and the wall hanging by the tall lamp) and paintings. Finally, this month, after budgeting and saving up, we invested in this gorgeous coffee table and rug. I feel like it instantly pulled the room together and gave it that very "boho chic" feel. 
I love how cozy it is. Considering I work from home a lot of the time, it's great to have a place that makes me feel so calm and happy when I'm here. 

So, a little different for me, but I thought I'd show you around the living room. Ofcourse, it isn't nearly close to done. So many things we would like to change, but when you're on a budget - one step at a time is the best advice my mom gave me. 

What do you think? 

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

L'oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation - A Review!

When I first saw the world raving about the L'oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation, I didn't want to touch it with a bargepole. With my skin being mostly dry, anything matte can be entirely unforgiving and cling to texture ad dry patches. But with every new review, my curiosity level was out of hand. Finally, i just gave in and bought ordered it on Amazon. I've been using it on and off for a good 2 months now and I really think I can talk about it in depth.
I have the shade 108 Caramel Beige and I have to say it's a spot on colour match. And what's better is it's a wonderful yellow based foundation. I always have a problem with foundations when they aren't too yellow, but this one is just perfect! In terms of texture, it's similar to a thick cream and is very pigmented. A little goes a long way with this one.
I like applying it either with my fingers as a light layer to even out my skintone on low maintenance makeup days or with a beauty blender on days when I want more coverage.
While yes, it does have a tendency to cling to dry patches on my skin - I always make sure to double moisturise these days. So it doesn't sit as heavy as it would if I didn't double moisturise.
In terms of longetivity, it's pretty good. I find that it fades pretty fast around my T-Zone which is the oiliest part of my face (Something I find a bit strange for a matte foundation). Around 5-6 hours and it fades considerably - but this depends on the primer underneath it.

As a whole, I would say this is a good solid foundation, in terms of it's coverage, colour match and staying power. While it didn't knock my socks off or even come close to my now favourite NARS Sheer Glow, it's a very good daytime alternative.

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think?

P.S. I know I've been irregular when it comes to blogging, but part of my 2016 resolution is to be more regular and blog more often. Also, incase you guys didn't know, I got engaged to my boyfriend on the 22nd of December, 2015. We're going to be getting married this year, so a little side project is going to be makeup for my wedding, what to use etc. Would you be interested in that journey with me? 

Monday, 16 November 2015

Current Favorites

I feel like I haven't done one of these posts in agessssss. Well, it's been a year and a half, which qualifies as ages right? Right.
I find myself trying stepping out of the minimalist avatar I was portraying for the last year or so lately. I want more complicated eye looks and more dewy skin. I've also been on the hunt for more affordable options to my high end favorites. These three are all those things, including being travel friendly, something I've found myself doing a lot offlate and needing. Oh, while on the topic of travelling, could someone link me to a nice/pretty/cute makeup bag? I have this ugly bag I'm sure was meant for stationary and I really want a new one.
But coming back to the products in question - these are on here because I love them so much, but also because they're super slim and easy to carry around.

The Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette
I've already reviewed this here (incase you're interested) and I can't say enough good things... It's my favourite eyeshadow palette, probably of all time. It has the perfect set of mattes, shimmers and frosty earth tone colours that are perfectly neutral and still interesting. There isn't a single day when I sit down and do my makeup and not reach for it. I've taken it with me on 2-3 trips so far and not once thought I needed something else. It costs about INR2300 approx, and if you don't have it, I'd say go out and buy it today, you will not regret it.

Revlon PhotoReady Skin Lights in Bare Light
This is subtle glow in a tube. More often than not, I bang on about wanting glowing, youthful skin which looks like I sleep loads, drink plenty of water and eat a mighty healthy diet (while I try, it ain't possible, you and I both know, but susssh). But this product does that with my skin. I look for want of a better word.. healthy. It has micro shimmer running through it that reflects the light perfectly, helping it bounce of your face, but not once does it look like you have shimmer.. nope, just healthy, happy skin.

L'oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation
...I love using this over the SkinLights, they really are a match made in heaven. Now, you'll rarely ever see me wanting anything matte, if you've been around here a while. Other than eyeshadow and the sides of my nose, I do not want anything matte on my face. But the reviews of this intrigued me, even my favourite dry skinned bloggers and Youtubers were raving about it. Naturally, I had to try it. I got mine from Amazon India, and by god. This is almost an exact dupe to my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, down to the colour.. and my lord I love it. (Does anyone want a comparison post?) It's matte, but not flat and goes on really smooth. It is very rapidly making its way to being my favourite foundation (currently NARS Sheer Glow).

So, there you go.. my current obsessions, what are yours?